Refresh VLANs without restarting core switch?

I have a couple of small businesses using the Tom Lawrence stamped PFsense FW and Unifi switching combo. One thing though, when I add a new VLAN to the network (first in PFSense then in the Unifi controller), is there any way to have it actually propagated to the network without restarting the switch (or manually replugging the uplink?) These are the only methods I’ve found which seem to work.

This is the first time I’ve heard that you would need to restart anything when adding a VLAN on a trunk port in pfSense or Unifi. I’ve never had to do that. One thing that’s super annoying though is that Unifi switches seem to stop passing traffic for a couple of seconds while they apply the new config.

Really? I’ve experienced this on multiple sites, switches, routers, etc. Every time it’s remedied by forcing the trunk port to renegotiate.

Have to agree with Paolo, never had to reboot devices after vlan changes

Used PFSense, Unifi , TPlink , Netgear - no reboots