Redhat now closed source!

Just watched a video on IBM closing source on Redhat:

Where does this leave XCP-NG and things like FreePBX?

This is what Vates has to say about that topic.

I would continue over there, but every time I try to make an account, I never get the activation email.

They say it will be RPM based, but how many Linux distros are there that are RPM based and not Redhat derived?

While I was looking around, I found one site that says Oracle Linux is just Redhat with the Redhat branding replaced by Oracle branding. So in theory, Oracle Linux is going to need to change/fork too. I hope they see the irony of this after killing OpenSolaris!

I can’t find it right now but I think there were talks about using centos stream and how far behind it is from fedora and red hat and whatnot. If I find the discussion I’ll post it here.

Found it.

I clicked on one of the links, here is an interesting chart showing how much of the project does (or doesn’t) come from Redhat or EPEL repos:

It will be interesting to see where they go, EL7 “expires” in 2024.