Recover FreeNas boot

I set up a FreeNas server to run my plex movies back in February and everything was running great. I used 2 ScanDisk thumb drive and mirrored them. Now both thumb drives are bad and I can’t boot the server. Is there a way to recover the files. I did not encrypt the filesystem because none of the information is that secretive, just movies and music. I download the latest version of FreeNas but want to know the steps on how to recover my 12TB ZFS set up so that I don’t lose all my movies. Thanks!

Do you have a backup of your configuration?

If so, install the same version of the OS you had running, and restore your config. I might be missing a step but that’s the general idea.

If you don’t have a config backup, there is a way to pull it off the system, but I don’t know the exact procedure.

To give you some relief your data is still reachable. You have to install the same version of Freenas as you had before and then import the pool with this documentation.

As far as your shares and all other configurations go you’ll have to set that all back up but if your feeling up to the challenge you can follow jgreco’s guide on trying to recover the config from the old boot drive

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Thank you both for the tips. I’m going to go through the process now of trying to restore the system.

Thanks for the help I am back up and running.

Think I would be using an SSD to save myself so much grief, it seems these USBs aren’t up to it.

Yeah no more USB drive for me. stuck in an 2.5in HDD.

If you mirror an ssd to make it part of boot, make sure it really boots. I did that on one of my servers and it didn’t boot. Grabbed the config and started over with two small ssd.