Recommended XCP-NG hardware recommendation

I am looking to build a new homelab. I was looking at the approved vendor list for CPU citrix list and for AMD it only has EPYC. I was looking to build something containing the threadripper but I am concerned it is not on the list. i want to get a CPU in the $1000 range like the 3955wx, but i am not sure a workstation processor/motherboard is really what I need if I am going to run XCP-NG with a bunch of VMs. That lead me to look at intel CPUs where I would definitely want to get the latest gen, Ice Lake. Problem is there are so many from which to choose. Also, what are the benefits/drawbacks of dual CPU motherboards. Is it better to spend the money on a more expensive CPU but only have one versus 2 more inexpensive ones. Thanks for reading.

I have not tested with the ThreadRippers but I have a Ryzen Lab system that works well. There is a forum post here about Threadripper Threadripper / Threadripper 2 support? | XCP-ng and XO forum

When I requested money for a system at work, I requested Xeon Scalable single processor servers. I can get what I need done in 10c/20t at this moment, but have the upgrade path to 24c/48t in the future. For a home lab I was trying to find ways to get to 8c/16t or maybe 6c/12t AMD processors, but money is still too much for me right now. Sticking with ancient Xeon X5650 that I bought well used for cheap.