Recommended UniFi radio settings to maximize speed

I have a UniFi UAP-NanoHD and I am looking to maximize performance on 5Ghz. The NanoHD is right next to my laptop for testing purposes and maxing out at around 420Mbps (using and AT&T Fiber ISP).

Can you recommend optimal speed settings under UniFi radio? Perhaps do a video on this topic as I suspect many others are trying to get the most performance out of the UniFi AP’s?

2G set channel to auto, channel width VHT20, and transmit power to low to prevent / deter 5G devices from using the slower 2G.

5G set channel to auto, channel width VHT80 (higher speeds at the cost of less distance), and transmit power to high.

Do you recommend turning on WiFi AI in UniFi settings? I guess I don’t understand what this does if I am already using the auto channel setting in radios.

Use the auto is generally fine, WiFi can be difficult to get consistent results because it is so easily subject to interference.

Also, you are testing to something out on the internet. This could easily be the bottleneck. To get the most accurate results I would recommend you run an iPerf test to something plugged into your home network.

I have a similar setup in my home with the nanoHD and a 1G comcast connection. A speed test from my hardwired desktop can easily get the 900mbps-1.2gbps. Over wifi which is 10ft I only get about 500-600mbps from laptop, 400mbps from my phone, or 350mbps different laptop.

What is model of your wireless card? Some devices are just faster than others.

How is the AP mounted? In this particular area for me I have it just sitting on a shelf. If I set it on a cup on the shelf and re-run the tests it is actually faster. So, think about how you have the AP placed (ceiling mount with direct line of sight is probably ideal).

What are the views of WiFi AI these days, often it was the case to leave it off?