Recommended ethernet cable for PoE Unifi cameras - Cat 5e CMP F/FTP?

First I’d like to say thanks for this forum and your YT videos. Very helpful! Second, sorry for the long post for a seemingly simple question.

I am struggling to determine the best ethernet cable to use for PoE Unifi cameras. I am replacing old networking equipment and an old security camera DVR with Unifi equipment (in my home). This includes a UDM-Pro, a USW-Pro-24-PoE, and a UNVR. I have 5 wired cameras that include 2x G4 Dome, 2x G3 Pro, and a G3 Bullet. There’s also a smart flood light in the mix too and I will add more cameras at a later time (perhaps 2 more).

The ethernet cable to connect the cameras and flood light will be routed through attic space and PVC conduit on the outside of the house. It will be routed near electrical wiring in some areas in the attic. The longest cable run is around 120 feet.

My current security cameras suffer from interference - from what source I’m unsure. They are wired with a combination coax/12-volt power cable. I want to avoid interference with the new cameras.

It seems as though Cat 5e or 6 cable would suffice for bandwidth. What about the jacket and shielding? It seems best to go with a plenum-rated jacket. Is F/FTP shielding overkill? (foil shielded with foil shielded twisted pairs) Or would S/FTP or SF/FTP be best?

Finally, it seems to be very difficult to find shielded bulk cable in less than 1000ft lengths. I only need around 250 feet and I was planning on terminating the cables myself. Are there reputable cable suppliers (in the US) that offer quantities of less than 1000ft? I found 250ft offered by but it is only F/UTP. Perhaps that’ll work? The other option would be to find pre-terminated cables that are close to the lengths needed for each run.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

In general, the cost of 1000 feet of cat6 UTP is so cheap that it isn’t worth breaking the spool/box up. I’m seeing cat6 UTP at $135 per 1000 and STP at $200 per 1000.

What you can maybe do is buy pre-terminated cables in close lengths and tidy them up as needed. I’m seeing Cat6 shielded at $25 per 50, $36 per 75, and $40 per 100 from Cables and Kits. I’ve used their stuff on several projects now and so far happy. Prices vary depending on color. They have other ratings like 5e and 6a, etc.

Wow, that’s A LOT cheaper than what is on Amazon or cable supplier sites that I’ve found. For example, for 1000ft of Cat6, CMP, F/UTP, solid copper…

Monoprice = $379
true Cable = $391

Am I looking in the wrong places? I’ll check out Cables and Kits, thanks.

You may be looking for the most expensive shielding around, and that probably isn’t required. Simple foil with a drain wire should be plenty good enough unless you live where there is very high RF interference. I’ve had no real issues with very high RF with UTP, and most of our cameras are just UTP. I think they may use STP for outside cameras, I’d have to dig around in the comm. closet a little to confirm that.

But we also regularly burn out cameras from “lightening”, cameras aren’t my job so just going with what I’ve been told.