Recommendations for a POE powered non-POE unmanaged switch?

Similar to the ubiquiti flex mini but without management. It would be for use on a toast, point-of-sale network and they will flag any non-toast devices on the network most likely for PCI compliance reasons.

I know of a few intended for CCTV that pass POE, which would work but the POE out adds unnecessary cost.


Can you use the flex mini just without adopting it? It works as an unmanaged switch in that case.

I have never tried but Im assuming it would still grab an IP address and get flagged.

If the unmanaged switch has a 12V input and many do, you could use a POE splitter like these:

Just use the 12V power and not the other side (data side) of the ethernet connector.

Thanks but I dont want any adapters. There is actually power at the location but its in a kitchen the thing gets grease, liquids on it, employees unplug it, things bump into it. Pretty much the worst possible location for a switch but moving it is not an option.

Maybe a bit out there, but have you considered a RPI? They are cheap, can be powered by PoE and have Ethernet (p)HATs.

Don’t get me wrong I like PIs but they are toys and this for a business. If it goes down it’s costing them money by the minute.

You’ll be surprised what RPIs are being used for…

Probably not production switches

I forgot all about these guys, this probably would have worked but I already replaced it 4 Port In-Wall Gigabit PoE Extender with IEEE 802.3bt Uplink Power — POE Texas