Reccomendation- Client Portal for Architect

I am working with an architect who wants a client portal for his projects. This would allow him and his customers to upload and share files, and possibly message each other and manage some kind of project timeline or checklist.

I am wondering if anyone has a service they can recommend, or something that could be self-hosted on a web server.

Thoughts? Full CRM? ShareFile? OneHub? others?
Thanks for looking.

Microsoft Sharepoint has all that, been a while since I implemented it but it’s now hosted so just pay the monthly subs.

owncloud is the poor mans version, I use it for calendar sharing, you can self host it too plus has similar features to sharepoint

I don’t have any experience but I think these might be some other options based on what you’re looking for - SamePage, nTask, Hygger, AllThings, and Avaza.

Perhaps SuiteDash could be what you’re looking for?

I’m using it right now. It works pretty well. It’s a little rough around the edges. There’s no current way to export all of your data out of the system for your own backup purposes. But it might meet your customer’s needs.

Office365 and probably Gsuite should be able to get this accomplished, not sure of the monthly cost though.

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone.
I may try doing something in SharePoint because they already have 365 and if that doesn’t work I’ll try one of the suggested platforms.

If they have it as part of O365, Project might be what you are looking for. Also in Teams there is a Planner that can be used to do some things. The big issue (at least for our O365) is that you have to turn on the ability to work with outside accounts. Not sure why this is an issue, but my IT department doesn’t allow very many outside connections, so something to check and it might be part of the plan they buy.

If it fits their account, they could build a Team for each client to share things back and forth, but again, not sure how this would impact their O365 account.

SharePoint is probably the go to for this. For your client you can sync the SharePoint document library to their computers with OneDrive, which makes it easy for the Architects. For the client, navigating the website is easy once they get logged in the first time. If they have o365, they are already paying for it.