Rebuilt Truenas pool and XCP-NG has no pools

I increased the size of my pool on Truenas by replicating the old pool, replacing all the 10x2TB drives with 7x10TB drives and replicated the pool back again. I am having some issues on Truenas where the jails will not start. Undoubtedly it is related to this issue. I was storing and backing up all of my XCP-ng VMs on Truenas. When I go to boot up my XCP-NG server I get errors saying there is no pool available. It does not find any VM’s. The error I see on the IPMI is

xapi’s UNIX domain socket in 300.00000000 seconds. xcp-ng-10g xapi-nd[2498] main: caught unexpected exception: Failure

Please help. I am at a loss as to what has happened.

Does the TrueNAS say if the services are running and if the pool is there?

Thanks for the reply Tom. The first issue that seemed to happen was that the datasets were changed to Readonly after replication. This meant that nothing worked. I changed them all to Readonly == False and everything started working. The second issue, that I have yet to figure out, is that the NICs on my XCP-NG machine vanished. I ended up doing some kind of network reset on the machine and that seemed to work. Everything is backup and running now. I got a bit of a scare that I had wrecked everything.