RDP using which VPN? Wireguard?

I’m using an Untangle firewall with a 2012 Terminal Server. What VPN should I use with this?
I’m testing Wireguard and it seems easy. What do you think?

Wireguard is new, but had not been well vetted or code audited yet. OpenVPN is solid and reliable.

Thanks. I thought I read that Wireguard was recently audited.
What about using Zerotier?

Zerotier works great https://youtu.be/ZShna7v77xc

I just read Wireguard has been audited by MIT.
Also, Wireguard released this:

Would you recommend using Zereotier over OpenVPN?

VPN’s are good for accessing many devices on a remote network, Zeroteir is good if you can load it on each device and build the network. So depends on your use case.

Ok great! Thank you!

So Wireguard now, right :wink: