Raspberry Pi "peep hole" camera

Prompted by the Ubiquti door bell stuff on the live stream, I mentioned that I’ve a peep hole camera project I want to be a door bell at some point and viewer “David Something” asked for more info on my project. Keep in mind that this still very much a work in progress.

3D Print files:

Parts used:

  • Amazon $27: Arducam Noir Spy Camera for Raspberry Pi -
  • Miniature 6mm Neck Width with Flex Cable
  • SparkFun $34: Aluminum Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4 - Black
  • SparkFun $60: Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB model


there’s still lots of work to do here, but basic face detection based on motion is working.

Fresh maker goodness from Hackster.io – roughly 80% of what I was aiming to do.

Is that Maaxboard compatible with RPi 3/4 boards? I have a 3b+ sitting around that would be cool to use for something like this.

is this a crime if you get caught?