Raspberry Pi Motion Detection Surveillance Camera System Using MotionEyeOS

Hi Tom I just got done watching your youtube video on RaspberryPi and MotionEyeOS. I’ve been using a few of these pi cameras around the house for about a year now. Really fun stuff. I noticed in your video that you’ve put a camera on your sump pump and you said that the pump alarm has failed before. A couple of years ago I was having a similar problem but my basement was getting flooded when the pump failed. I ended up building the Raspi-Sump https://www.linuxnorth.org/raspi-sump/ which has worked out great. I used a Raspberry Pi zero and a ultrasonic distance sensor and it keeps track of the water level for you. I had it send an email to my cell phone number (which came through as a text message). I hope you find this useful. Thank you for all of the great videos.

  • Joe

Wow, that is really cool, I like it!