Ransomware Consultant

I know a company that was hit with the sodinokibi ransomware attack. They talked down the price but don’t know how to proceed. How do you buy bitcoins and what to do.
They are willing to hire a company to consult on best way to do it.

Any recommendations? What was the name of the company that Xavier Johnson mentioned?


They probably have a help desk to walk them through it. I am assuming they have no backups…

They did not have off-site backups and yes I’m told the hackers were very polite and helpful. Wow!

Ransomware hackers benefit from people knowing that if you pay them they will in fact give you your data back. As much as I would want a company to refuse to pay, it is a business decision that you can’t make just on principle. Best way to beat them is to have a good backup and DR strategy. Number one tip I can provide is to make sure your backups don’t run at the system level, but rather the hypervisor or storage level.