RAIDZ1 - Unavail + Offline

Hello guys. I have a 6 drive RAIDZ-1 setup. Was replacing one drive (probably gptid/47af1739) and after booting, pool was OFFLINE/Data not available.


A ssh-ed into my server and it shows that gptid/4766b1cd is offline ?!

root@truenas[~]# zpool import
pool: Kukoleca
id: 9915218132335776628
state: UNAVAIL
status: One or more devices are missing from the system.
action: The pool cannot be imported. Attach the missing
devices and try again.
see: Message ID: ZFS-8000-3C — OpenZFS documentation

    Kukoleca                                        UNAVAIL  insufficient replicas
      raidz1-0                                      UNAVAIL  insufficient replicas
        gptid/4766b1cd-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a  OFFLINE
        gptid/4773a2ad-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a  ONLINE
        gptid/47af1739-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a  UNAVAIL  cannot open
        gptid/47891a3d-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a  ONLINE
        gptid/47999bf7-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a  ONLINE
        gptid/977351fb-4d4b-11ec-8f9f-e0d55e1a567a  ONLINE

But gptid/4766b1cd is present (ADA3):

root@truenas[~]# glabel status
Name Status Components
gptid/279373fc-b75a-11eb-bdd1-e0d55e1a567a N/A nvd0p1
gptid/47891a3d-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada0p2
gptid/47999bf7-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada1p2
gptid/4773a2ad-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada2p2
gptid/4766b1cd-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada3p2
gptid/977351fb-4d4b-11ec-8f9f-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada4p2
gptid/975b03d7-4d4b-11ec-8f9f-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada4p1
gptid/473e7825-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada3p1
gptid/470368fb-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada2p1
gptid/4722dbb4-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada1p1
gptid/47172efe-fd2b-11eb-b130-e0d55e1a567a N/A ada0p1

How can I get it online and import the pool? Any help? Much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

Regards, Miroslav.

Unfortunately the error message “insufficient replicas” usually means three is not enough information for the ZFS pool to be mounted. You can try to force the import with:
zpool import Kukoleca -f
But if that does not work then it is time to restore from backups.

i’ve got the same problem with my truenas. With raid5 1 disk good, 1 disk unavail and one disk offline…If i can put the disk offline to online, it will be good…have you got solution? Since january, have you got a solution @mk1977 ?