RAID Type for Synology Surveillance Station

We are setting up a new Synology DS918+ to be used strictly for surveillance only with (4) 2TB drives. When configuring the storage pool what is the recommended RAID type to select for surveillance station?

I would personally just use raid 5, ability to fail 1 drive but still have the storage space. Raid6 is not really needed since video data is not really that important unless you are some critical organization.

Thanks for your input David. I was researching and did find that Synology does not recommend using btrfs but did not find anything specific as to which RAID option is best suited for surveillance. I was leaning towards either RAID 5 or 10 considering that there are 12 cameras which will be setup for motion recording. Both RAID 5 and 10 will provide redundancy but I also want to make sure the performance is there for recording video and viewing the recordings when needed.

I found this white paper that provides some go insight into RAID configurations for video surveillance.