Radius VLANS -- Unifi

  1. I am looking to move my company from 4 SSIDs and no VLANs to 2 SSIDs and 3 VLANs
  2. I have setup the profiles on the Radius Server, but on the unifi side , im sort of confused as to next steps.
  3. Do I have to create Multiple Radius Profiles or just 1?
  4. I have seen a lot of commentary regarding Radius Controlled VLANS /Radius Assigned VLANs. Has this terminiolgy changed as i don’t see these options in the newer software.
    Are these options only accessible with CK ? i have a udm pro in place currently.

PS – Thank you for all your help along the way.

I use a TP-Link AP and pfSense with RADIUS for WPA-Enterprise. While it’s not Unifi, I think it’s pretty similar.

I’d guess that there is a setting for WPA-Enterprise, when users connect to the wifi, they will need to enter a username and password. Hence it may make sense for users to have individual credentials / profiles.

Additionally you may have to inform your RADIUS controller of the AP, that’s another profile, unless this is integrated with unifi.

Just align your SSIDs with the vLANS you use accordingly.