Radius and pfsense

In my newly build home network, I want to use the function of a RADIUS server. But I have several devices where I can use and install the RADIUS server on. Here’s the list of devices I have:

  • Netgate SG 6100 firewall
  • Cisco 2504 WLAN Controller
  • Cisco SG300 small business switch (L3)
  • Synology DS720+

On all of these devices, I can use the RADIUS server, but is there a preferred device on where the Server should run?
I would like to have one RADIUS server setup ‘somewhere’ in my network so every device / client can be authenticated by it, be it a pc on a wired network, a remote laptop connected through vpn or a mobile phone connecting by the Cisco WiFi (both ‘secure’ WiFi and guest WiFi)

Running it on the Netgate 6100 should be fine.