Rack server screws and matching screwdrivers

Hi all – Say I buy a homelab rack that uses 12/24 or M6 screws. What’s the matching screwdriver size? It doesn’t seem like “12/24” or M6 mean anything on the driver side – apparently they don’t determine or constrain the head size, and the screwdrivers are using different codes. For Phillips, I’m seeing codes like P3, P2, etc. Which Phillips driver size goes with 12/24 and M6 screws?

Also, I like Torx and star drives over Phillips. Will this be hard to find for rack screws? Amazon doesn’t have much selection there, but I haven’t tried the more specialty fastener stores.


If you have not purchased the rack the yet don’t get one that has threads but instead one that supports cage nuts. Overall it will be easier to work with and you can use Rackstuds too.

Rackstuds are sold for two different thicknesses of rack hardware metal. I made the mistake of buying the thin metal Rackstuds (Red coloured) for an oddball, secondhand, communications (radio) equipment rack which had thicker metal. I had to revert to metal cage nuts.

The colour coded Rackstud sizes are:
Red 2.2mm/0.086"
Purple 2.7mm/0.106" to 3.2mm/0.125"

Rackstuds states Red is “* Suitable for rails up to 2.2mm/0.086” only. Use the new ‘purple’ version if your rail >2.2mm/0.086"."