R720 Freenas NIC speeds

I’m building a freenas 11.2 U5 system on a Dell R720. I’ve put an IBM M1015 card in (flashed to LSI firmware and working as IT). My problem is I cannot get the four NICs at the rear to go faster than 100Mb/s. When I go into the bios they are set to auto, but the drop-down then only offers 10Mb or 100Mb. There is no option for 1Gb. I’ve looked in the user manual in case using a x8 card in the riser for the LSI card affects anything, but there is no mention.

The NICs are listed as Intel 1000 connections in the bios, so why the speed restriction? I could just put some 1Gb cards in the riser slots, but why are the built in ones not working.

Any suggestions?

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type of cable?? Cat5 will only do 100 Mbps. Switch is only 100 Mbps?

All my cables are cat 6 and I have a network with many devices all running at 1Gb no problem. As soon as I switch on the Dell, all my network slows to 100Mb speed.

The real answer lies in why the bios does not offer 1Gb as an option.

ahh my bad i thought I read it as 1000mbps in the bios…sorry

What happens if you pull the IBM/LSI card out?

Aha… Total red herring. Turns out I have a faulty switch in the setup.

I realised I could transfer between 2 pcs on the same switch at 1Gb but not the freenas, which was connected to a different switch. Put the freenas into the same switch as the other PCs and bingo - gigabit.

Should have thought that through a bit first - doh!

Even worse, took out all the leads and replaced them - it works.

Just as well I’m replacing all this dodgy wiring with my new setup.

Welcome to playing Clue in real life… :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad ya got it fixed up though, and YaY to new wiring!