R710 & LSI 9211-8i - System Halted

Bit of an odd issue here. I know the perc6i wont work with freenas so I replaced it with a 9211-8i and flashed it with IT mode…no problems there. The problem i am running into is now when i put the LSI card into the R710 it says System Halted. I know this is a problem with the dell being dell so i did a little searching online and found this video to help correct it.

However in the video when he greps the LSI device it shows up with a Dell subsystem on it mine does not. See attached pictures.

Does anyone have an idea as to how to fix this? If you need more information let me know.

The video you found is fairly well done imo, for working around the issue. Unless you’ve already followed his instructions, you shouldn’t let what his says sway you from trying it. He’s changing a hwid in the firmware which I guess is supposed to be a dell approved id. Try it, you can always revert the changes as he does it while keeping the original file.

I actually just moved the slot out of the integrated slot and it showed up fine and continued to boot. Now my issue is formatting the drives that were inside of it. Previously attached to a Perc6i in a raid 6 I believe, I wiped the raid config and cleared it before removing it and they are notttttt happy inside of freenas now.

Every time i go to wipe it or try to do something it says Operation not permitted. I have the card formatting one drive right now and it is about 80% finished after 4 hours. 1TB SAS drive.