R3.olencr.org? anyone know about this

I’ve looked online, some say R3.olencr.org is not good, some say it’s ok. I have it blocked and see it often from my wife’s ipad. Anyone know what this website is about?


Virustotal gives it a clean bill of health at the moment.
That said a quick whois check will offer to sell you olencr.org. So the domain has expired.
r3.olencr.org currently doesn’t resolve to anything.
I think you are wise to block it for the moment as an expired domain is open to exploitation.
It would be good to track down the app that is calling this domain. The developer needs to either reclaim the domain or pull the app from the store.

Did you mean R3.o.lencr.org ?

If that’s the case then here is your answer: lencr.org - Let's Encrypt
It’s quite safe.

thanks for the reply, I did type-o this. r3.o.lencr.org