Quick Nmap check for vulnerabilities

Just watched this, for anyone not a pentester thought the script to check for vulnerabilities was really neat. After doing all sorts to try and secure myself against nefarious forces can now actually check if I’ve got my trousers down !

Greenbone Security Manager Community Edition is one that I use, https://www.greenbone.net/en/community-edition/ It has a nice GUI and seems to do the job. The downside of the Community Edition is it is behind the curve, and if you update the VM you lose your history as it’s basically a reinstall. It’s a good place to start though and easy for a beginner.

I’m actually more interested in setting up Security Onion on my network to get some insight to what’s going on, straight-forward to install in evaluation mode though the actual tools have a steep learning curve.

Running the vuln script highlighted some CVE’s on a couple of machines ! It’s all layers I suppose, it’s just for my home network and curiosity, though my android devices are the biggest issues running old OS versions that won’t update.