Questions about Synology NAS

Question is about any Synology NAS.

  • We are deploying these two and four bay units at customers. My question is, does Synology have a way to duplication, replicate, or backup to another device (other than another Synology)?

The reason I ask is I want our customer units to be able to be backed up to our backup storage array in one of our datacenters for a simple off-site copy.

You could stand up a system on your end that has access to both storage arrays and run a script to replicate each evening. There might even be a plugin available natively. What protocol are the two arrays using and what type of data is it?

Synology can backup to a few cloud services, one of which is Amazon’s S3. Knowing that, you could roll your own S3 cloud at your datacenter using

Synology Hyperbackup can backup any folder(s) on the NAS to any shared folder an another networked computer or USB attached drive. The backup can easily be scheduled for automated backups as well

The Synology Hyperbackup will back up a Synology to a storage target and the Synology Hyperbackup Vault.

I have a video showing how to use it with TrueNAS S3