Question - VLAN


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So, I’ve had pfSense running for the past 6 months just to get away from port forwarding in my ISP’s gateway. I now want to advance my networks security so I’m watching a couple of Tom’s VLAN tutorials and I’m understanding most of it, but I had one question.

I currently have a “dumb ap” running for all wifi devices all under one vlan. I assumed that if I wanted my wireless ip camera/old android phone (I know having a wireless cam is frowned upon but it’s better than nothing) I could just statically assign it in its network settings inside of a secure vlan, but to my attempts, everything has failed.

So my overall question is

TLDR: How can you separate wireless devices on separate VLANS on one dumb AP using pfSense

You would have to replace the AP with one that supports vLANs, or get another access point for IoT devices that is on the “secure or isolated” vLAN, and have IoT devices connect to that AP.

Ah okay, it’s as simple as that :stuck_out_tongue:


Some consumer based hardware can be flashed with DD-WRT. Here is a list of supported devices: Take a look at this one too and see if your device is on here: