Question : UDMP to pfSense SG-2100

I feel that this is such a noob question, no actually it is a noob question and I pretty much know the answer bit I don’t want to make a mistake that then blows up in my face later.

I want to start using pfSense instead of the UDMP for firewall / routing and DHCP services. I have a new SG-2100 sat waiting in the box ready

Easy question. What do I need to turn off that won’t interrupt unifi protect etc. I have static ip’s which I’ll need to replicate over. But apart from that what needs to happen to hand over the jobs above?

You would turn off DHCP on the UDMP and make sure the LAN of the UDMP is not set the same of the pfsense. But I have not tested how the UDMP works as a secondary device without internet so I am not sure how that will go.

@LTS_Tom probably a better idea to replace the UDMP with an UNVR and a cloudkey combo then.

I might test it, but I remember when the UDMP came out it doesn’t like not being the headend.

Thanks as always

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