Question: How many APs/Devices/clients? Dream Machine Pro

How many APs, Clients/devices is the Dream machine pro able to manage? We have a little over 50 APs and 200-300 clients at the most.

The Cloud Key Gen 2 is able to manage 40 APs, per the documentation. Wanting to offload the controller from a server to an appliance.

Not really sure and we only ever see these for home users. We don’t use UDM Pro for any of our business deployments due to their lack of features.

I’m only interested in the network controller feature. What do you use for business deployments? In our case the controller resides on a secondary server.

Biz deployments either get a Cloudket gen 2, Hostifi (they pay), have their own servers to run it, or are part of our MSP plan and we host the controller.