Question for Netgate PfSense SuperUsers - weird Vlan issue

Hi All,

New to the forum, been playing with networking/pfsense for a bit now, but it is my only networking experience. Thanks to Tom’s vids I know a enough to get into trouble, haha. I have a weird vlan issue on a Netgate 1100 new install. Have two vlans setup IOT and Guest. Guest works fine, however I can not seem to get IOT working. Seems like DHCP server is not working, but it is enabled and there is an IOT gateway in the ARP table. What could I be missing?

The whole system is 1100 > single trunk line > managed switch > Port 2 to WAP and Port 6 to IOT server. Everything downstream of 1100 is setup correctly as proofed by Guest working and for the IOT server on port 6 I removed vlan so it was on LAN and it worked. Put port 6 back to IOT vlan and not working.

Appreciate any help

Nevermind, never fails put out the request for help and you find the issue doh. Just forgot to add the vlan to the switch section.

Please post screen shot of your pfsense configuration (DHCP, Interface Assignments and Firewall rules). Also the configuration of your managed switch that is relating to VLAN config and Trunk.

Thanks for replying reymond, got it sorted though, same time as your reply.

That’s good to know that you already fixed the problem.

I don’t know how many times I beat my head over not getting DHCP addresses on the VLAN and realized I didn’t add the VLAN to the port profile the test workstation was on.