Question about Reports in Untangle (Arista Edge Threat Management)

The long and short of my question is, I would like to know how many people connected to a certain network (public wifi on its own vlan) over a certain period of time. For example, how many people connected to the wifi during September 2022.

The standard reports are leaving me without a solid answer. The devices log leaves out devices connecting multiple times and doesn’t really show a time frame. The session log shows individuals and time frames but is too granular.

My thought would be to count how many times per day that the dhcp server hands out an address but I am not sure exactly how to tell Untangle (Arista Edge Threat Management) to do that.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, even something just to put me on the right track. I’d also be interested in any kind of logging utility that might make this an easier job in the future.

I know a captive portal would quickly and cheerfully do this for me, but I didn’t have one in the past, and in my experience, they frustratingly limit access more than they do anything else.

I normally look to my wifi platform for info like that. That’s not something you could easily get from any of the router/NGFW products I’ve worked with.

I was afraid that might be the case. In that case, is there a good way to get this info from the unifi controller. Haha.

Appreciate the response.