Question About Attributes

So, we have a customer’s server we had to put into a VM because the hardware failed. It’s lasted about a year now. No issues. But, they have software on this server that caused a but. Because of the bug, the server ran at 900mb/s total bytes per second running on the hard drive, so everything was slow.

We spun up a new VM to split the roles.

So now we have a Domain Controller, 1 Server for a database, 1 Server for another database. Got all the the software and databases running. No issues.

Now time for the file server. These files came from a Windows 2008 R2 server and a different domain. We just created a new domain name locally as it was too much of a hassle to migrate. There was just too much corruption. All the files are there, but when copied to their new homes, everything is “Read-Only.” We can change the permissions and owner, as well as add more people or groups. Seems fine, yes? It still shows as read only. Did the command line for attrib and still got the same result.

Anyone else know of anything that will just remove the frickin read-only?