Qotom mini ports as seen by pfsense

I’m looking at a Qotom Mini Pc Q710G4 Intel Celeron J3455 device to run pfsense.

I have two questions for folks more knowledgeable than I.

  1. Will the 4 LAN ports on this device show up as independent interfaces in pfsense, i.e. igb1, igb2, etc.? I want to put each port on a different subnet. I tried a Netgate SG-2100, but got too frustrated with the process of creating VLANs to simulate independent ports when those ports are really on an internal switch.
  2. Will this device handle a gigabit internet connection? (I’m dreaming. My current connection is 20/6).

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Yes those ports will show up as interfaces you can assign a LAN or vlan to. Have a similar box, I’ve put the extra ports into a LAGG to my switch.

A follow-up question since I am looking for the same mini PC: can I assign two of those interfaces as WAN in fail-over mode?

Thank You

Whilst I’ve not done it, I would guess that under Interfaces > PPPs you could add your second connection which you can then point to your required port. Then put both gateways into a gateway group.

The Qotom and any other non Netgate devices I have tested have always had them as discrete ports. The Netgate 2100,3100, & 7100 all have that custom switch VLAN based backplane. I prefer discrete ports as well because it’s less steps to configure them.

Thanks LTS_Tom, good to know. Any thoughts on whether that device with the Intel J3455 would route at gigabit speed?

BTW, I have found your videos to be quite useful and to the point.

It should route at full line speed or close to it depending on what all you have running.