Qotom Mini PC question

Hi all,

I want to order an Qotom Mini PC for my Pfsense or OPNsense machine.

I was wondering the i5 are they overkill for homes etc ? I found an seller what is providing the i7 7400 16gb / 128gb ssd for about 390USD with shipping 427USD.

I want to run also 1 or 2 vmwares on it for my Unify AP
Will this work at the end ?

pfsense will run on most things, you might be better off buying a 2nd unit rather one high spec. No idea how you’ll run 1 or 2 vmwares on the Quotom.

I have an license for VMware esxi and can run for home purposes only. So I was thinking.

3GB /50GB for Windows machine (UDM)
6-7GB /60gb for PFsense
And red rest for esxi.

This can run?

ah ok you want to virtualise it, other people seem to not have issues with that. For sure no problems for pfsense to run it doesn’t actually need so much resources. However, I would go the other way buy a box to run ESXi (filled up with ram) and use a cheaper box for pfsense.

You probably only have one ram slot on the device, I wouldn’t bother with that limitation when setting up a virtualisation box, ram is the constraint.