QOS for VOIP VLAN on PFSense

I’m currently running PFSense has my firewall and have all my voice services (phones, pbx) on its own VLAN. Does anyone have a guide on how to setup QOS on PFSense with multiple VLANs. I just want my Voice VLAN to have top priority in and out of the network. The rest of the VLAN just need to stay at normal priority. Thanks for the help!

Their QoS wizard can help you with that, just choose the voice network when it asks for VoIp.

I did use the wizard, but do not fully understand the wizard. Do I just use to for my voice vlan and the wan, or do I also include the rest of the vlans on the router?

Do your traffic shaping on the WAN interface giving voice the highest priority, or dedicate a portion of bandwidth to it.