Qnap ts-673a nas

Anyone using the new QNAP TS-673A, looking at getting another NAS to replace an existing QNAP and then use the existing QNAP as an RSYNC replica.

I was originally looking at the Synology DS1621+, but I noticed it can’t do sub VLAN interfaces etc.

Storage intentions are CIFS for docs and a couple of iSCSI LUNs for a Windows 10 data drive and a Hyper-V/ESXi box.

Are you sure you want to run QNAP QTS or QuTS Hero, which have historically been plagued with hard coded credentials and vulnerabilities?

I installed TrueNAS CORE on my existing TS-453A and TS-253A hardware precisely for that reason.

Interesting and food for thought. I assume this is also true with Synology?

I’ve not looked at TrueNAS TBH, so will have a look.