Q330G4 Dropping WAN & Idle 30% CPU Usage

I was moving my pfSense from and old Athlon II X3 to a Q330G4. I was expecting better performance, but I noticed that I went from I typical 3% CPU load to a 30% load on the new hardware. I don’t have a whole lot going on for packages and network traffic is pretty minimal as well.

More importantly, I noticed that my WAN drops out frequently on the new hardware. I mostly only notice it when I am playing video games, which is the worst time for it. I hook everything back up to my old hardware and no problem.

On the new hardware, I am importing a backup config from the old hardware. Could there be a setting that is in there somewhere that the new hardware would not like? Ideally I would test with a new config, but I do have a few VLANs, Rules and quite a few reverse proxy things in here that would be quite tedious to set up again from scratch.

Only other difference is old hardware I am running 2.4.5 and the new is running 2.5.2.

A guess would be that the network card in the new setup is not well supported.

I have a similar type of box, they use intel NICs so that should be ok. Try swapping out your hdd or ram and see what happens.