Put all your ISO's on one USB

Just got this working, it’s really handy for having numerous ISO’s on the same USB stick without burning. Once Ventoy is installed, just copy your ISO over and boot up your machine. Saves an ungodly amount of time :slight_smile:


You mean, no more of this?

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This reminds me of YUMI, except YUMI has a function as part of the installer that sends you right to the download link of images (Ubuntu for example) and sorts these into categories on the boot up screen for ease of use instead of some giant list of iso files.


:rofl: even tagged ! That’s very organised ! I use the Force to know what’s on my USBs!

I did for a while, then I bought 6 more and it got difficult.

You sir are a champion today! #cheers

Up till now I have used:
It comes with a many tools, uses a big NTFS-partition, is more customizable and therefore more complex. It’s quite a license mixture!

I like the simplicity of Ventoy and will definitely give it a spin…

Have been using Ventoy … pretty easy to use but the best bit is actually not having to burn the ISO onto the stick just saves time.

I see there’s a Linux version; you have my attention.

Worked for Linux Mint and Proxmox, but failed for FreeNAS and OpenMediaVault for me, so might still need a couple of USB sticks handy !

My go-to USB creator has been mintstick (included with Mint and Peppermint and available in the Ubuntu repository). Of course, that won’t create a bootable Windows flash drive, but it hasn’t failed me with any Linux distro, pfSense, or macOS.

Used Yumi for a while, and Rufus , but Easy2Boot KILLS them both. E2B can be a bit temperamental during initial install to your USB, but after that its SOLID. I’ve had to reinstall E2B no more than 2x over the last 3 years, and I was using it daily with various ISO’s for around 12-18 months.

Easy2Boot looks interesting … will take a look

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