Purchising switch advice please :)

I currently have a Mikrotik rb4011 as a firewall/css326 24 port switch with 2 SFP+ I use for my server and firewall also a unifi 8 port POE switch for my 3 unifi APs (U6 pro). My css326 failed and Im looking into a new switch, Im between Mikrotik again or unifi, also any advice on what type of switch to get port-wise?
Thanks for any advice.

At the end of the day, what is you budget, and want do you feel comfortable configuring.

Mikrotik - web , cli command setup
Unifi - possible the easier system on the market for configuring switches, ap etc

On the number of ports, get one that has enough ports now and any future expansion

There is not wrong answer

Thanks fpr the reply
Im looking at
CRS326 Mikrotik
unifi pro non poe 24 port
unifi enterprise 24 maybe is better for future as it has 2.5G ports but not sure if 2.5G is worth it or just go with 10G.
Im thinking of adding the unifi aggregation for any other 10G connections in future