Public IP on hosts behind pfSense


I have a /27 pool of ip. All the IP are set as virtual IP in pfSense and I use NAT port forwarding to redirect public IP to internal network. I now have a scenario where I want to lease a server in our rack to a friend and I would like them to be able to use 1x of my public IP with no firewall rule. I want it wide open to they can then in turn spin up a pfSense VM on their xcp-ng Host.

Could anyone advice on how I can get my public static IP to the host behind pfSense? Do I need to use bridge network our routes?

Thank you all in advance

They have a write up in the documentation

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@LTS_Tom We use a High Availability cluster and when we follow the link to High Availability Configuration Example without NAT it does tell me how to set it up. I understand the diagram and all but how do i set it up?

I don’t have a write up on that.