PTP (point to point) antenna recommendations?

Hi, so i am looking for recommendations, any help much is appreciated.

My situation is as following:
I have two locations, they are across the street from one another, with 200 meter distance and with clear sight. One place has 500 mbit/s up and down of witch I am using daily maybe about 10%. And other has none, so instead of subscribing to a 4G internet that would cost me about 260$ a year, I thought, that I could make a PTP (point to point) link between these locations.
So my question is what PTP antennas would you recommend. The internet speed is not really important, because it would be used primarily for security and surveillance.
And the price of the antennas also is not important, because I need a reliable connection.
It would be a long therm investment, so hopefully it would pay off after some years.


We use a lot of the Ubiquiti Network 5Ghz Nanobeam AC Gen2 (NBE-5AC-GEN2-US) for PTP. They work well.

Thanks, I`ll take a look at it!

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Hi Tom

I have also been looking into these to possibly boost the internet in my partners house and lives about 1.5 miles away however it isn’t a clear line of sight. I have looked into getting her a fibre connection but there is o service available to her where she lives.

Any recommendations would be great.

You need a good line of sight so I would suggest building a tower.