PtP 2 different networks just for Plex


Long time lurker/YouTube viewer.

Due to poor upload speed, I’m looking to link the in-laws house with mine using a PtP link with Litebeam Gen2.

I’ve tried the airlink software and height wise/clear line of sight over the 8km seems feasible.

I have a pfSense box here for my home internet with 10.20.30.xx as IP address range. The in-laws have a standard Vodafone router with 192.268.1.x address range.

I’ve setup ZeroTier between a couple devices at home to enable me to use RDP remotely. But I haven’t a clue in VPNs when it comes to this.

I’ve watched various videos and I’m still not sure which direction to take as I guess the link only needs to be LAN based traffic only, i.e. no internet through it. Both properties use their own internet as normal but the in-laws can use the link to see my Plex server as a local server.

I have a spare NIC port on my server which could do this but from my playing with an old router as second network connected to it and a laptop connected to old router, I could see Plex page but not access it.

Apologies for the ramble. The link idea scratches the geeky itch but I don’t want to do all the install and then fall over on the setup.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Sounds like these air-links might need to be on the same network range.

Would most likely be easier to setup a site-to-site VPN, you could buy your in-laws a new pfsense router and switch, or buy a router with OpenVPN Server and Client included, several Asus ones do the job.

Mr Lawrence has several videos on setting up OpenVPN, it’s the same tech as Enterprises so is about as secure as they come.

Don’t use Plex but your upload and their download speeds will affect the quality of streaming, perhaps Plex has a cache option that overcomes that.

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A point to point link with these lite beams is effectively a wireless cable. If I plug one into my network and the other into the in-laws network. So long as the link is active/ connected it will act like literally connecting a patch lead from my network switch to their network switch.

All I need to learn/understand is how best to join two networks together, apply the correct rules/routes to it to enable my sever to appear on their network as a local point without any internet routes involved.

Something I read (which is why I mentioned the second network port on server) was to connect the link to my second port. Then use the server to bridge the networks. But I think I’m going to need some VPN management on their end too.

Hmmm … I think you ought to be able to plug in the AP to your in-laws router, their router then needs a static route which directs the traffic from 192.168.1.x to 10.20.30.x (gateway) then on the pfsense you need the opposite static route.

I had a VPN router behind an ISP router, think you basically have the same scenario.

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This is why I’m keen to experiment at home with existing kit. If I can set it up and see it work. Then I would buy the kit, set it up and test it here. Then once seeing it work. Get it installed.

Which video do you recommend I use to test this out with. I can. Setup another pfSense box here (or might even flash an old router with DDWRT).

Haven’t seen a video on your use case.

Look up Static routes, basically you are just adding another LAN to your network, should be easy enough. No idea if it’s secure mind you, I suspect traffic is passing over unencrypted. Ought to work with your existing kit, assuming the other router can enter static routes.

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