PSA Don't buy the wrong RAM

Just a reminder to do your research, and learn from my mistakes.

I was looking to upgrade my TS440 since I was skimping along with only 8GB to run TrueNAS with 3x10TB HDDs Raid Z so I went on ebay and just typed “4x8GB ECC 240 1600” thinking, “Yeah that’s specific enough”.


I bought a bunch of registered memory but I found out the hard way through some unpleasant beeps that my TS440 only supports unregistered memory.

Anyone wanna buy some RAM? lol

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Been there, done that. Also had my purchasing department substitute some SODIMM for the ECC SODIMM that I really needed, that was fun to work out. Especially fun because of the increase in price.

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Absolutely. Any reputable manufacturer will have a QVL (Qualified Vendor List) in which they will list tested and supported RAM modules. Pay attention, not only to the approved specific model numbers, but also the number of slots approved for installation for that model number, as not all slot configurations will be supported for each. Years and years ago, I think it might’ve been good enough to just get the right spec’d RAM, but I learned the hard way over a decade ago on several machine builds, that meeting timing and speed specs isn’t everything.