Proxmox Vs XCP-ng

Just watched an updated comparison which I thought was pretty good, no outright winner just depends on your requirements.
Though now you can run ESXi on a RaspberryPi4 that might be the winner :slight_smile:

Have been running Proxmox for a while it’s been pretty good for running vms on my network but it’s not so obvious how to setup a “demo” environment that uses its own networking, much easier with vmware and looks the same on XCP-ng.

Pays your money takes your pick.

Didn’t know there was a 2Tb limitation on xcp-ng VMs and I also didn’t know snapshots were limited. ZFS support can’t come quick enough for xcp-ng however I think with 8.2 it’s limited to external storage??

In a business environment you really have to do a quality requirements gathering so you don’t snooker yourself. Even in a home once you start playing with these things it’s pretty amazing how you suddenly become dependent on it.

I did not watch the video but XCP-NG has had ZFS support since 2018.

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:
Didn’t know my video will end up here)

Yes Tom, XCP supports ZFS, but XCP is using it as a regular file system. ProxMox on the other hand uses native ZFS snapshot/clone/destroy and so on, that’s the main difference here, and I don’t think Olivier will spend any time changing this, because it will require some core changes to happen to the XEN hypervisor itself.

My opinion may be unpopular here, but having ZFS just as a tick box and not using it’s native features is a little miss leading.


XCP-NG is more popular in the enterprise where the storage server is separate device so I am not sure there is enough incentive to integrate ZFS in that way.