Proxmox Vs XCP-ng

Just watched an updated comparison which I thought was pretty good, no outright winner just depends on your requirements.
Though now you can run ESXi on a RaspberryPi4 that might be the winner :slight_smile:

Have been running Proxmox for a while it’s been pretty good for running vms on my network but it’s not so obvious how to setup a “demo” environment that uses its own networking, much easier with vmware and looks the same on XCP-ng.

Pays your money takes your pick.

Didn’t know there was a 2Tb limitation on xcp-ng VMs and I also didn’t know snapshots were limited. ZFS support can’t come quick enough for xcp-ng however I think with 8.2 it’s limited to external storage??

In a business environment you really have to do a quality requirements gathering so you don’t snooker yourself. Even in a home once you start playing with these things it’s pretty amazing how you suddenly become dependent on it.

I did not watch the video but XCP-NG has had ZFS support since 2018.