Proxmox failing to boot after install - Dell R610


I have a Dell R610 that I installed Proxmox to in a ZFS Raid 1 configuration onto 2 USB Thumbdrives. It’s not booting and just hangs at this screen. Any ideas here? Full disclosure, I also have Windows installed on my server and am trying to make the switch from Hyper-V to Proxmox, I don’t think this should interfere though since I’m booting from the USB key that I installed Proxmox to, right?

BIOS is in UEFI mode if that matters.

If I hit my enter key, it takes me to a (initramfs) prompt that I know nothing about.


Does it fall to the grub prompt when you hit enter? Do you have a screen capture of that?

UEFI enabled or is it in BIOS mode?

I’ve found BIOS to have fewer issues with non-Windows OSs with that generation of PowerEdge.

I also have an R610 and have no problems. I did do a BIOS up date along with an IDRC update. Check the firmware on the HBA.

I have the latest firmware for the BIOS, IDrac and H700 RAID card I have installed.

OP said the machine is in UEFI mode, change it to good old BIOS boot mode and probably reinstall (full clean install?). I needed to run my old servers in BIOS mode to get XCP-NG working on my lab system, these servers are from 2012 or 2013 (old Facebook servers, still had tags on them when I got them).

@fleabeard Is your H700 HBA in IT mode? Do not have hardware raid enabled. If not flashed then set the H700 up to see drives as individual drives, you can do so by accessing the H700 firmware via the IDrac. On youtube channel The Art of Server has a tutorial on how to do this. He also has flashed HBAs for sale.
Good luck.

I’m only ever finding anything about the H710 being flashable in IT mode. It currently is using the latest Dell Firmware.

@g-aitc I’ll give your suggestion a try. I know I had this working at one time and do believe it was running in BIOS mode at that time too.

Woops missed that above the picture. Just guided a friend through an XCP-NG install with an R720xd that did the same thing in UEFI. Swapped to BIOS and it worked fine.

H700 cannot be flashed from what I can sell, you’d need to swap so something like an H200 or an H710 to flash to IT mode. Or, you can use RAID on the H700 instead of ZFS.

Yes definitely BIOS.