Proxmox can't connect after changing IP's and VLAN setup

I recently changed from to, reorganized my vlans and now it seems that proxmox can’t connect to anything when in a vlan? It should get the address and should connect
My setup:
DIY OPNSense router > Unifi aggregation > Proxmox
Firewall rules:

Please tell me if I have to provide anything else!

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This issue doesn’t seem to be related to firewall rules, am i right?
Because I can connect to the VLAN and it works but not with Proxmox?
Here are what I have set in the unifi portal for the switch:

Hey! I managed to get it working

curl -s -k | grep title

This ^ works fron any device on the same vlan, but why can’t proxmox access the internet?

FIXED! This issue was because of dns, I had to edit /etc/resolv.conf!

any reason you chose address instead of /24 ?

I don’t need the 24 space because it basically wastes the like second number (10.x.0.0) if you understand what I mean.
And I wanted to try something new :sweat_smile:

Maybe I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here, but it seems to me like you got it the wrong way round. A /16 network is larger than a /24, i.e. has more addresses. is the range from up to (that’s 2^(32-24) = 2^8 = 256 addresses). is the range from up to (that’s 2^(32-16) = 2^16 = 65,536 addresses).

So if you’re concerned about wasted address space, it makes no sense to choose a /16 over a /24.

@paolo is correct. You should play around with a subnet calculator.

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This is what i meant, sorry. But i also wanted to try something new, realy havent ever diven into subnets more than 24