Proxmox and iSCSI - Sanity Check

Hi folks - with the Broadcom (pending) acquisition of VMware, I am looking at other virtualisation solutions. XCP-NG seems, despite its impressive capabilities, a “little rough around the edges” compared to ESXi. Maybe once Xen Orchestra Lite becomes more mature I may change my mind on this. However, right now, Proxmox is looking like a better choice.

The question I have is that with ESXi I can create iSCSI pools and have all of my VMs in that datastore. However, it seems that Proxmox needs to have one (or more) iSCSI LUNs per disk. When I install a VM, it wants to take all the space on the presented LUN.

Do I need to create a separate iSCSI LUN per VM disk?


I know with XCP-NG you can, but I have no idea about how Proxmox handles that.