Provisioning pfSense offiste


We ordered 2 new pfsense firewall to take over the existing one. The current setup is 2x pfSense in HA move via CARP.

Could anyone please tell me how I can configure the wan interface and virtual IP when I am not onsite but setting it up from the office?

I saw @LTS_Tom posted a photo on YouTube about it so I was wondering if I could get some insight on how to do it.

Thank you

We have a “WAN LAB” pfsense where we take the LAN interfaces and set the clients public IP ranges to them.

So, I could set the IP I am using now for the gateway knowing that I will have no traffic and it should just work when plugged in in the DC?
Is that what you mean?

We have a pfSense on our office with spare port, should I simulate the DC WAN from there?

How do you handle the gateway setup?

You set the IP on the LAN side of our upstream “WAN-LAB” pfsenen to be the gateway.