Providing Internet to a building about 8km away

Hey everyone,

I figured this was a good place to ask this question. I’m looking at connecting two buildings together and they are about 8km from eachother. From what I’ve seen the Ubiquiti P2P stuff is pretty expensive for what I’m trying to accomplish. I saw some other solutions like TP-LINK CPE210.

Just wondering how this would work or if anyone has any suggestions. From what I understand I’d need two CPE’s and on the client end I can just branch out the ethernet signal with a switch for connecting devices on that end. Does anyone recommend any hardware for this? Any lessons learned from your own projects like this? And just to clarify CPE’s are not the same as just Wifi boosters right? They do not direct a signal that can be picked up by a cell phone for instance?

The main thing that confused me was for example on the TP-Link I meantioned, they discuss setting up one of them as an AP and setting Wifi related settings on it. But from what I could tell I thought this did not just distribute regular wifi, so why would these settings be relevant?

Example of the settings I'm talking about


I think I answered my own question with a lot of research last night. I played with the Ubiquiti Link tool and found that the LiteBeams should be able to get decent speed at that distance. I wanted to go for the nanobeams but they seem to really drop off at that distance, only getting about 66Mbps

The rocket ac Gen2 would have better performance the lite beam only have a 100mbps lan port

The Gen 2’s have 1Gig LAN ports. According to their tool I can expect around 550Mbps using a LiteBeam, even if in reality I got half of that, that would be fine.

It would be half for sure I just did allot of testing with them

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Hey, cool to see you on here. I’m actually already subscribed, have been for awhile! Are you able to mix and match Ubiquiti, Mimosa, and Cambium antennas for APs and clients? Interesting test regardless.

No they all use there own twist to wireless 802.11 like ubnt airmax I was powering up each ap at a time to see performance in the same environment

I do quite a few “point to points”…
What bandwidth do you need?
Is your line of site clean? Or some interruption?
Any other “wireless noise”?

A good link here to get a quick glimpse of the various models and intended purpose…
which airmax should i use

For congested areas (although below 8km range)…I often use the IsoStations with the optional 30* prism horn…it’s like blinders on a horse keeping down neighboring interference. For longer range and higher capacity shots I like the airFiber 5u. PowerBeams are also great…as of course the LiteBeam.

Hey @YeOldeStonecat,

Looking for about 100Mbps or more. It’s a very rural area so should not be much interference. Should also be line of site. One of the locations has quite a bit of an incline compared to the other which is great.

From my looking around and playing with the link website, a litebeam would probably be good and give me enough room to probably hit 100Mbps or more.