Proton VPN Going Open Source with Code Audit

Proton VPN Going Open Source with Code Audit details at
Trust but verify


This is the same company behind protonmail correct?

Yes it is the same Swiss based company.

And they have Free version, good to try. I heard Protonmail is pretty secure, I hope tom reviews them.

Tom usually reviews things he has a “use case for.” The Swiss privacy laws are strict still be cautious because laws are broken every minute of every day. All in all Proton has an excellent reputation.

ProtonMail and ProtonVPN were built by scientists and engineers at CERN ( They needed a secure platform to send mails and they made it themselve I think. It is used by a lot of researchers and it has the reputation of being secure.

edit: : “Andy was a researcher at CERN from 2009 to 2015, where ProtonMail’s founding team met.”

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I use Proton Mail and tried a trial of the VPN when first introed. Very pleased with the email.

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And do you pay for the service? Or do you use the free plan?

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500 mb for look so low, but then they need to make money. 5 Euro PM for 5 gb kind of good if some one is serious about there communication but for average users seems expensive.

I used the free plan works for the volume I use it.

Will probably go with the the 5 E plan for the VPN. Need to take a close look a the plans. I really should consolidate but 2 is 1 1is none.