Protectli VS Netgate

Out of curiosity, how many years do the negate applicants last on average?

Protectli VS Netgate - The negate appliances seems a little light on RAM vs what Protectli offer for a similar price. When using haproxy, snort, and EDL’s from pfBlocker, I’m guessing I want as much RAM as possible, right?

Depends. If you run with the python upnbound mode then you will significantly decrease the RAM usage. As for snort that will be more CPU for how ever many devices/interfaces you have.

To give some context I am running pfblockerng and in python unbound mode and I have about 80% of the feeds selected. I am currently at 19% of 16GB of RAM used.

Running all these services is only using about 2GB on my Netgate 4200 for my studio. It does not take a lot or memory to run services.
Arpwatch Daemon
dhcpd ISC DHCP Server
dpinger Gateway Monitoring Daemon
haproxy TCP/HTTP(S) Load Balancer
iperf iperf Network Performance Testing Daemon
ntopng ntopng Network Traffic Monitor
ntpd NTP clock sync
openvpn OpenVPN server: LTS Home VPN
openvpn_2 OpenVPN client: PIA VPN
pfb_filter pfBlockerNG firewall filter service
snort Snort IDS/IPS Daemon
sshd Secure Shell Daemon
syslogd System Logger Daemon
tailscale Tailscale Daemon
unbound DNS Resolver
vnstatd Status Traffic Totals data collection daemon
wireguard WireGuard

pfsense really is low on system resources, for the price of the netgates… if u can afford a bit of down time… just get two/three cheaper used small/mini factor hp/lenovo/dell pc’s of ebay, stick in a low profile second hand multiport/single nic and keep the other one/two spare, i’m sure u can put them in ha if need be too :slight_smile: