Protectli FW6B: untangle or pfsense?

Just purchased one of these:
With 8GB ram and 120GB mSATA drive

Not sure if I should go with pfsense (cost is free) or pay for Untangle Home Plus (need to have WAN failover)

Only other things I would want is AD blocking and GEO-IP blocking. I have used pfsense in the past, but was wondering if giving Untangle a whirl is worth its added price tag?

Would very much appreciate opinions.

Thank you

I have run both pfsense and untangle home plus as well as opnsense. If you like to control and log everything it’s for you. You can do that with pfsense or opnsense but not as easily as untangle.

Thanks Tom. I have already viewed that video and found it very informative. I understand pfsense requires more work than untangle, so is that the only difference? (I.e. my comfort level about learning/troubleshooting vs paying for ‘ease of use’?)

pfsense lacks the filtering features.

Filtering reports or filtering other things?

It lacks good filtering and good native reporting.

If using for home, Sophos XG? I’ve been using Untangle.

Intel i3 7100U may be overkill for your network. I would install xcp-ng and then a firewall virtual machine with some docker images for AD blocking and other services.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I am going to give Untangle a spin first.

How would you compare filtering on Untangle with pfBlocker?

pfblocker is mostly blocks ad feeds, trackers and geoblocking and is not great for granular filtering per device. Untangle is granular per device.