Proposal on video topic

Hi. I want to propose a video topic on Freenas. There is lots of videos of how you take backups with replication but so far I havent seen one on what you do when the accident happens and you want the data restored on the primary. What options do you have? Set up a reverse replication for a one time shot, set up an SMB on the secondary and copy/paste it back. What differs the options, what is best practise etc. Best regards. Staffan

I did a video on replication and yes, the process would be to do this in reverse.

Yes thank you, it helped me alot to understand replication. Now I want to understand the reverse process ass you say. An idea would be do talk about what to do if:

  1. Files have corrupted or been deleted by mistake (local snapshot rollback, how to find the right snapshot etc)
  2. Dataset on primary is still there but one wants to delete the files and replace with the replicated files from secondary. Maybe for defragmentation reasons or whatever. Make an SMB on the secondary dataset and copy/paste to primary or make a reverse replication. Pros and cons.
  3. Dataset is gone and secondary has to be primary until original primary has been rebuilt and ready to be reverse replicated or copy/pasted to to.

There is some knowledge to get in documentation on “how to” but nothing about best practices and what to do in what situation. In forums I have seen even experienced people beeing a bit weary about this.


Best practices might be a good topic for clarification on this. The only time you should ever need to reverse the data is when the source server suffers a complete failure. All replications are based on snapshots that first need to exist on the source and are replicated to the destination. So as long as the main source server is in working order you would just roll back a snapshot on the source server to restore files.